Picture and Blurb explanation credit to Flip Cuddy

The woman on the left is Dennis’s great grandmother Mrs. Choi (I forgot her full name). The woman on the right is Susan Ahn Cuddy’s mother – Dosan’s wife Yi Hye Ryon aka Helen Ahn. Photo was taken in Riverside about 1906. Doing laundry was one of their jobs as well as working in the agricultural labor camps. They were migrant farmworkers moving with the crops and building labor camps in nearby areas like Upland and Redlands


Choi Jong Ik who Dennis talks about – his great grandfather – is the man seated on the far right. This is 1909 in San Francisco. Choi Jong Ik was the President of the North American Regional Conference of the Korean National Association. Dennis’s great grandmother was married to Ahn Chi Yong who was Dosan Ahn Chang Ho’s brother – who died in Korea shortly after the marriage. Dosan was already in San Francisco and arranged for his brother’s widow to come to Hawaii and then San Francisco. Dennis’s grandmother Ada Charr was very close friends with Susan Ahn Cuddy. The Choi-Charr-Park family story is deeply rooted in the Pioneer Generation and Indepedence Movement legacy. These are the people who kept the hope for Korea’s freedom alive in the darkest hours… more like years!!