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Summary: A group of Korean special interests are using this guy’s legacy to profit themselves by making Riverside City Council to allow a plaque in the middle of Sempra Energy Utility parking lot.

riverside-pachappa-dosan-republic-opposition written by Philip “Flip” Ahn Cuddy (Dosan’s grandson) in response to the Riverside Pachappa Dosan Republic application to the Riverside City Council.

You can see all the files here in this Google Drive link.

You can see the Riverside city council meeting here. This case was agenda item #6. At this site you will be able to watch the video of the Public Hearing, Review the Staff Report, Exhibits (this includes the application that was submitted to us), and the PowerPoint presentation.

Here is a YouTube propaganda piece by Mike Hong, Prof. Ed Chang, and Prof “Root” Park.

Supposedly collected funds to do a makeover of the Dosan statue in Riverside in 2012, as of yet nothing been done at all. Where did all the funds collected for this go?

Email from Philip “Flip” Ahn Cuddy 9/27/16:

Good Morning,
While researching documents to oppose the Pachappa project I found a file in my mother’s papers concerning the Dosan Memorial Foundation of Riverside(DMFR). She was suspicious of this organization’s fund raising tactics.
The DMFR Tax files are out of order. As  of May 15, 2012 the exempt status of DMFR has been revoked by the IRS for failure to report taxes for three consecutive years. This was posted by IRS in February of 2013. Also, out of 15 years there are only reports for 2000-2002 and 2007-2008.
Dr. Mike Hong was introduced by Professor Ed Chang as Chairman of DMFR and Dr. Hong said he was President of DMFR as he spoke. Either way Hong is using title of a revoked 501(c)3. Evidently, he has been openly operating this organization in this questionable manner. The remodel project for Dosan statue fund raising published in the Korean press using a revoked status seems in appropriate.
It appears both the City of Gangnam and the City of Riverside are involved with the DMFR fund raising activities since the start of this organization over 15 years ago.
Many non-profits run a little ragged since most have funding issues. DMFR is run by one of the wealthiest Koreans in America. This type of financial issue should not be a part of a group who should be upholding Dosan’s philosophy of “truth” and “…being a good American citizen.” No group should operate under these conditions of non-IRS compliance.
I have been in communication with CA State Franchise Tax Board and requested an investigation into this matter. The 990 files are “Open to Public” status. I attached the IRS memo from their website report the revocation.
I will get to the bottom of this mess. I asked Hong to step down in 2006. The DMF of Seoul asked him to step down in 2008. My mom asked the DMF Seoul in 2010 to do something about Dr. Mike Hong and John Suh. Dr. Hong refused to cooperate and has continued to represent Dosan in bad faith right up to his Cultural Heritage Board testimony on June 15th and the YouTube about Riverside on August 1st.
If you have any question please ask. As I move forward trying to make things right I will inform you as needed.
This is embarrassing and shameful. I am surprised nobody at the City of Riverside knew. However, if the process of fact finding is the same as the CHB as seen in the hearing video of June 15th I am not surprised both Riverside and Gangnam have had the wool pulled over their eyes.
Thank you,
Philip Cuddy
Attachment: revoke-notice

You can see the primary sources yourself to determine what the truth really is in regards to where Koreatown really first started. Do not let people get away with the truth with Fallacy of Appeal to Authority.