I am no connoisseur of music, I just know what makes me move my body and bob my head. My neck hurts after listening to the whole album in my corner cubicle of the 4th floor of Wilshire Ave. This second album by Mangchi available at mangchi.bandcamp.com is worth getting and spreading your legs over. A more mature sound of the ever evolving band since their first album, I nearly broke my neck from the first album. Comprising of lead vocal Quangou, hypeman/drummer Igloo Hong, bassist Heather Leather, Keyboard master Money Mark, Vocals Momo, Drummer Dylan the Kid, and DJ Denjahng. “Dont go she gone” is an album of the corporate angst 9-5 cubicle worker as myself stuck in this wage serfdom, lost alien souls wandering around looking for some comfort, and those that want to remain unlabeled stop judging.

After seeing “What I gotta do” MV my panties were wet with anticipation with this new album and listening to it over and over. I liked that Steve inserted some of his internet conspiracies into this album such as the Pleiadians and Slender man tracks. (If you ever want to talk about conspiracy theories and Mangchi I would love to invite anyone in the band to my podcast) Just a tip of the iceberg of what really goes on into his mind, probably playing Destiny and trying to get laid. I hope you do get some and even more Steve. I guess your can of beer is your homage to your sobriety, congrats on over 7 years of being sober. I need to put down my fried chicken leg from time to time.

The balance of male to female vocals is a perfect like the sweet and savory of Korean fried chicken crack, maple bacon donuts, chocotaco you get the fucking picture. Dj Denjahng serves up a ear-gasmic pleasuring album like how David Chang cooks up his fried chicken sandwiches. What the fuck are you waiting for why haven’t you bought the album yet? Help them, helps you; Thank GOD for US.

You can check out Mangchi on tour on the following dates. If the album says something about their shows you are in for an experience you can only get in seedy massage parlors and will come back for more. Listen to the best the muthafucking best, Mangchi.