PHUCKKKKKKK it’s already the second month of the new year. Well I’m excited to have some new pages coming up soon, it’s in the works and hopefully have it up by mid Feb. I’ll tell you a hint it’s going to promote a modern aspect of Korean American culture and its delicious. I hope you kimchi-heads like it. These past weeks I’ve been taking a intro to stand-up class and it’s been really fun. I hope to have a recording of my stand-up on the site has well. It’s helping me improve my comedy since there are just some things you can’t draw but it’s funny to tell.

Because of the awesome powers of I got over 1,000 page views, I had a webgasm at the end of the night. Oh I noticed a spelling error, I can’t believe I graduated from college geezs oh well, I plan to confuse people now on with colonge instead of cologne. I bet most people spell it like that too hahaha. Did you know that Park Ji-Sung the famous Korean soccer player is retiring from international play? NNOOOOO oh well he did an awesome job with World Cup. DAE-HAN-MIN-GUK! I hope they recruit a new guy Won-Go-Lee. too cheesy? too bad I like cheesy jokes though I don’t like eating cheese. It’s almost Lunar New Year yay, So I’ll leave you with SAE-HAE-BOK-MANI-BADA-SAE-YO! (Happy Lunar New Year!)