Hello kimchi heads! I’ll be posting comics about one of my favorite passions Korean drumming (pungmul/poongmul) I’ve started playing ever since 6th grade at the Korean Resource Center and developed my skills over time in NYC with Binari Cultural Troupe and NYUri (NYU Rhythmic Impulse). Then came back to LA and studied some more transferred to UCLA and started playing with UCLA Hanoolim. Still hanging around UCLA and teaching Hanoolim hoobaes how to continue the group’s cultural traditions with poongmul. Forever indebted to poongmul I hope to give back to poongmul how much it has given me. A great network of friends who share the same passion for poongmul, and the rich roots of culture it has strengthen my identity, not to mention the awesome power it welds when its World Cup time. DAE-HAN-MIN-GUK! Well enjoy. Joh-Tah!