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If you are familiar with Korean BBQ then this read will just be a comical interpretation of a cultural dining practice. If you are non-Korean and excited about this new venture in eating out called Korean BBQ this guide is for you (spoken in overly racist Asian accent). Honestly there is no wrong way to eat Korean BBQ, I’m not like your Korean mother yelling at you for holding your chopstick wrong and beat your hands with it (sorry repressed childhood memory). But is this just a humorous guide if you ever find yourself in a Korean BBQ restaurant. Note: This page will be constantly updated, so come back to see it.


It was said that Korean BBQ started in the royal court family but that’s all speculative I’m not sure either where it started from. I will need to research this further. [LA Galbi origins comes from a family historical story I was told. That my grandmother popularized LA Galbi, she had a restaurant called DaeHo(Big Tiger) during the early 1970s there weren’t that many Koreans but she had a successful nightclub/restaurant drinking establishment. It is known that Korean drinking involves lots of food (anju) so the popular dish was the Galbi cut laterally then the normal Galbi thick cut. Thus LA Galbi was originally called DaeHo Galbi for its cut and special marinade it was later revealed which the whole world knows by now that the secret marinade was coke (the soda not the drug).]

ACYE vs Combo Plates

Generally all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurants are a trend that started since Manna first opened up. Depending on the place some offer you a full choice of different meat cuts but the quality of meats can be compromised. You have been warned. Combo plates of meat should offer a higher quality of meat. The Lawry’s of Korean BBQ is Choson Kalbi or Woo Lae Oak meaning it’s high class and quality (for Los Angeles readers since we are spoiled with delicious Korean food.).

Types of Meat

Chadol baki (차돌박이)- Beef Brisket
Galbi (갈비)- marinated short rib
Samgyeopsal (삼겹살)- pork belly
Deungshim gui (등심구이), sirloin
Bulgogi (불고기), marinated thin sliced ribeye
Dweji bulgogi (돼지불고기), spicy pork bulgogi
Dahk galbi (닭갈비), barbecued chicken

-Share the banchan. (side dishes)
-Change the grill once you finished cooking a marinated meat or the grill will be sticky.
-Grill the garlic and peppers.
-Make wraps either with the rice wrap or lettuce wrap.
-Thank the waiter/waitress every time they bring something.

Cooking Tips

  • I recommend cooking the non marinated meat first to avoid the hassle of changing the grill like chadol baki (think sliced beef brisket) or samgyeopsal (pork belly).
  • Another advantage of cooking the chadol first is that it cooks really fast and your hungry friends will be eating it up just as fast.

Where to eat!

Now to determine where you should eat all depends on where you are. I live in Los Angeles so I am fortunate to live close to a saturated KBBQ market. So if you happen to live in LA as well and you haven’t tried Korean BBQ yet I am assuming you are vegetarian. This advice below is for the LA Korean BBQ scene.

For the Lawry’s of KBBQ I recommend Chosun Galbee. Expensive but the quality and the atmosphere is high quality and poof poof among other Korean BBQ places in the area. That’s right I said poof poof like the feathered boa the rich people wear during their dining outings. I wish I had some poof pouffy things to wear when I go out and eat. Sometimes a guy like to dress up for the occasion you know.

For the old school original korean gangsta shit I give you Chung Ki Wa. This restaurant is the oldest Korean restaurant still standing in its original location and still running. That probably means they still doing things right like their banchan(side dishes) just doesn’t fuck with you. It just straight up the best muthafucking tasting banchan at a KBBQ joint. Got the umma (mother’s) hand touch and you be getting full from eating their banchan alone. Wait till you try their KBBQ, my mouth is all getting wet just typing up this shit here.

Decent AYCE KBBQ joint is O Dae San, I take all my non-Korean friends here. It’s not as smokey like the other places and looks fairly clean, plus most of the staff understand english. However the quality can be a hit or miss at times. Chaldol can come out looking all red with little fat or looking all white with just fat. Either way my non-Korean friends can’t tell the difference and eat it like no other since its AYCE. Have to always drag me along since they feel they service is better. I think it’s only better since I do all the cooking and ordering. Lazy Americans. Oh well at least we drink a lot and the KBBQ places love us since we drink our money away to them, I learned they kicked out 13 college boys out for eating too much meat haha. Quite the feat for an AYCE establishment, they will forever be know as Justin and his bottomless stomach crew in my books.

If you want to just drink and want some grilled cow intestine as anju then Beul Dae Po is the place to go. Straight up Korean drama-esque setting that makes you sob over your relationship problems and laugh about how that one time you did that thing with that friend and it was so funny. Tables were small but shit all you need is just some soju and grilled cow intestines.

Let’s say that its late like 11pm and you want some KBBQ but most of the places are closing soon, don’t fucking worry, when you are in ktown you just go to Hae Jang Chon. Then at the end when you thought you don’t have room they fried kimchi rice that shit for you like a muthafucking god bitches. Then you just start wanting to have the waiter’s unborn kids because he just make this out of no where. KBBQ jesus, amen to that!

If you have places you want to recommend write that shit down in the comment below.

Happy Eating!