Like how Twlight fans just love Twilight and Potter Fans are dedicated to Potter, I am dedicated to Umamiya. A newly formed Asian-pop group by S-Cube Entertainment headed by the talented producer Sang Sung Song. I was an instant fan from the start, I showed my affection and was immediately reciprocated back to much of my excitement.

Then I started to have a crush on one certain member of the group, the talented and oh so cute Kim Min Jung. Perhaps I’m biased since I’m Korean as well but she brings in the cute factor into Umamiya like Sohee does to the Wondergirls or Taeyeon in SNSD. She even sent me a personalized pic of herself signed, it is currently my computer desktop wallpaper.

But then she recently released her first vlog thanking her fans. I was immediately heart broken T0T ¬†(river tears of¬†sadness) So with my bottle of soju I responded accordingly. Why MIN JUNG WHY?!! How come I didn’t even get a song or a simple hi? Who the heck is gemini? I don’t know who I am anymore and why I should go on, time to try to forget this by drinking myself to a point of memory loss. Changing my desktop wallpaper pic back to puppies.