I’m approaching 30, so I figure I should take care of my health since my cousin sat me down and told me I better do it now or regret it later and he’ll be very disappointed. I’ve been meaning to do it but just haven’t gotten to it. Now I’m going from doctor to doctor to see if anything is wrong with me. It’s reminds yourself how fragile life can be. But even taking care of yourself will not protect you from the unnatural accidents that cause death, like a freak car accident or a banana peel slip off the 7 floor office building whose window has a crack that was suppose to be replaced tomorrow but instead you catch your fall by placing your hand on that same crack, resulting in a series of others cracks that forces you to fall from the 7th floor. Like I said life can be fragile. So getting the whole tune-up on my body, from cardiologist and colonologist (is that a real word?) should be interesting. I’ve lived life with this mantra, we all going to dies anyway if I die I die so might as well eat that juicy burger before it gets cold, or drink this shot of tequila even though i hate tequila. Just gotta live life and learn all you can. Hope for the best. I’m not dying just yet but even if I was I still be telling folks to live. MMmm i could go for some ice cream.