I wasn’t sure what to do with this food blog, so I figure I can rant a bunch of stuff about the things I ate so far.

Went to this Panini place near my work, it was alright, for the price I got a lot of food, the sandwich and salad. Couldn’t finish the salad. Pretty food sometimes is eat to finish because it’s so beautiful to eat but just close your eyes and find yourself in blissful deliciousness.

Trying to be clever with an apple.

My actual Thanksgiving Dinner, dduk-gook. hahaha

Made up for it by going to a French restaurant with family, this duck was good, the chinese may have some delicious Peking Duck but this the French knows how to make a fucking mouth orgasming bird. I shit you not.

Nothing beats In and Out while driving for over 6 hours to Berkeley in the wee hours of the morning. Fucking love In and Out burgers, fuck traffic hence midnight driving is TOPS.