I had the honor of listening to a University speaking event regarding the infamous Nakkomsu podcast in South Korea. One of the highest listened to podcast around the world. These guys are like The DailyShow with John Stewart equivalent but much more funnier and  harsher to the South Korean president Lee Myung Bak. I recently learned about them from this LA Times article. Nonetheless I got to go to my alma mater and listen in talk about a range of topics regarding South Korean politics.  

Fucked up shit goes around everywhere but the South Korean government is trying to shut down this podcast, WHAT FUCK HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I thought South Koreans wanted to be just like the UNITED STATES? I barely only understood like 20% of the conversation but people seemed to laugh a lot. I later got to learn what they were talking about. Like secret land deals for the SK prez to own a bunch of land before he leaves office in March. Just that shady shit Koreans try to do before they leave their powerful positions. I heard he likes to eat babies as well. I wonder if the South Korean government is going to hack into my webcomic. PLEASE DONT HURT ME I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!! Fuck…oh well.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH BITCHES!!!!