Hello kimchi-heads, sorry I’ve been MIA for a while now, it’s my laziness oh well. I still haven’t forgotten of the webcomic. Gonna update you with more stuff while I am still breathing. Tonight I’m packing for Coachella and I know its going to be a fucking grreat time since I needed a music orgasm to pick my creative brain a bit. I have a lot of acts I’m looking forward to like childish gambino, the black keys, breakbot, Dr. Dre. I hope to enjoy the scen and maybe get some fun pics with my camera phone, oh yeaa. I really needed a vacation I’m lately just eh with life beside my gf which she keeps me going everyday. I love you BDKB. I day dream too much about her hahaha, are there such things like wet day dreams? hmm i wonder. ok i need to change my pants now. I’ll hope you like some of the new comics and videos I come up with and remember to live outside of the kimchi jar!