I am finally going back to the motherland South Korea. However excited I am for the trip the reasons are personal and to see family members I haven’t seen since 15 years ago. Which brings me to this post, I guess it’s a record to say I didn’t do it or I apologize if anything happens. You see as far I can remember every trip I went to visit S. Korea something bad ends up happening. For instance my first trip I remember a part of a bridge fell down killing some people. 

Then the second time I visited a whole mall collapsed. I swear I didn’t do it. 

Finally my last visit in 1997, the whole economy crashes Korea IMF crisis or in other words Korea I’m Fucked crisis.

I’m not sure what will happen this time I hope nothing at all. But if anything were to happen I’m sorry I guess I do have a curse I will never visit the motherland ever I swear. Please no war, no outbreak, no radiation cloud, no earthquake, nothing super crazy so that I will be convinced that I am hexed. THank you that is all. Do you have any recommendations for me to do in South Korea? Please leave a comment.