Hello my kimchi heads,

In my long absence I did a lot of accounting courses last fall quarter to start on my path to get my CPA license. Hence why you can notice why I never posted anything until October of 2012. So working full time and going back to school doesn’t really offer you much time to do anything else. This webcomic is a hobby which I share my soul to the world just a tiny bit. A lot of things have been going through my life and for the most part in the better direction which I am grateful for but since life is never about just the good things I have a few sucky parts as well, which I hope to express in my recent upcoming comics.

I grew up in a not so typical fashion, my parents being recent immigrants that brought with them the hope and dreams of making it out for the better in hopes that their children can have a better future. In recent events I personally am dealing with something that has been a scar to my mental happiness. I was young I was verbally abused as a child, I was suffering from depression  and had low self esteem coming from the abuse I got from certain family members. This cycle of abuse has been passed down from generation to generation and I intend to stop it with me. Below is a link I feel really hits close to home. I hope everyone gets a chance to look at it and self reflect on themselves and those that they know that might be abused as well.

Why Domestic Violence Victims dont leave

I wish everyone a mentally healthy and happy new year and look forward to more stuff in the kimchi jar.