When I first started this webcomic I was just really bored at coffee bean and thought it would be a fun idea to start this comic based on my life experience. Growing up as a Korean American I couldn’t always relate to the Sunday newspaper comics I read, and hoped that perhaps my webcomic could make a similar Korean American growing up laugh their head out and relate to the shared stories we carry. Growing up in an immigrant family definitely has its shared themes of uncertainty and hardships. But I found that comedy was a great coping mechanism for me and helped me adjust to the bumpy road of life. I appreciate the time we live in now mainly due to the internet which allows me to share my love of laughs with the world. But that I have this great tool to try to make tomorrow a little better. I now know the past traumas in my life greatly affected me (physical  and verbal child abuse, being molested, growing up with an alcoholic dad)  but i have better tools now to ensure that I won’t pass on these traumas to the future and end the cycle of anger here. I came across many resources of help I hope to share them with you. Such as this youtube series by Stefan Molyneux who host Freedomain Radio, but in particular the playlist of “The Bomb in the Brain” which he goes over how trauma affects the child to adulthood and what we can do about it. I know I have a long road ahead of recovering but going to therapy and support groups are one of many options I can take to help myself. When I help myself I am helping those around me and the world. I hope someday that my parents will seek out their own path to healing. Recognize that their actions have a negative affect on others and be more mindful of their actions. I am still in the process of learning of how to heal myself, I am going through grieving for myself for the childhood taken away from me. So it will take time, but coming out with it I hope will help others to seek their own way of healing the shame involved and just trying anything to help them, like talking to a friend or commenting anonymously online. I am sorry for whatever trauma you endured I’m sure it was terrible, it was not your fault and you didn’t deserve it, it was wrong for the adult to do that to you, I am sorry. But now you admit it things can be better from here on now, look towards you and figure out what will make you happy and healthy and heal oneself. Let’s all come out of our kimchi jar of shame together. Aja Aja FIGHTING!