Please consider donating to UCLA Hanoolim, UCI Hansori, USC Haneulsori, and UCB Ego for some necessary drum repairs and new instruments to keep the Korean drumming tradition alive. (specify where you want your donation to go to). If you want to avoid the Paypal processing fee, just write a check to me Han Kim or buy it straight from Koreana Gifts yourself and ask for Billy, mention that Han sent you and that Han(me) will pick up the instrument on your behalf. Or if you find a better deal please just get it for the hoobaes(students) that are learning poongmul. I don’t need donations thank you for considering but I am doing fine and taking care of myself doing my own stuff. Please help others it’s in our nature to, goodluck taking care of yourself. ^_____^V

Any monetary amount or instruments are welcomed. To verify that your money has gotten to the right people, pictures and a personalized thank you letter/email will be sent along with a copy of your receipt if you wanted your funds to purchase a new drum or access to the donation account general ledger to see that your funds are honestly spent.



Jamie and Joey Lee (UCLA Hanoolim ’08)
Vince Lee (UCLA Hanoolim ’04)
Ji Hyun Yoon (UCLA Hanoolim ’07) and Proud Trojan Kenneth Ahn